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Live Events!

From time to time the HPLHS hosts live events at its global headquarters in Glendale, California. This page shows upcoming events. Due to limited space and other resources, most events will have limited attendance and require tickets. Many of the tickets are free, but to claim one you MUST CLICK THE LINK in the event description to go to our online store, where you can claim or buy a ticket through the checkout process.

Sanity Assessment

Arkham Sanitarium Sanity Assessment Night

  • July 29, 2017: 7pm.

HPLHS headquarters will be converted to Arkham Sanitarium for the evening, and members of the "medical staff" will offer free sanity evaluations using our cutting-edge Sanity Assessment Kit. You can play as yourself, or in character. The fascinating and revealing Intake Questionnaire will begin to plumb the depths and the nature of your madness. The provocative Traumgedanken dream analysis board game will give you a chance to explore your subconscious, and the fast-paced Inkblot Test lets you match wits with fellow patients. Light refreshments can take the edge off of traumatic flashbacks. Your "Psi-Q" will be revealed and all patients will receive a free customized Certificate of Insanity, along with a recommendation for institutional placement. The event is free but straitjackets are limited, so TICKETS ARE REQUIRED. Please click THIS LINK to claim your free ticket via our online store. Please come prepared with the memory of a dream you have had.


NecronomiCon Providence

  • August 17-20, 2017: TBD

The next live events will be held at NecronomiCon in Providence, Rhode Island! The schedule is still to be finalized, but we expect to be doing two LIVE performances of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre and a Sing-Along Innsmouth Sea Shanty night. Keep your eyes on the official convention website for late-breaking details!