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Live Events!

From time to time the HPLHS hosts live events at its global headquarters in Glendale, California. This page shows upcoming events. Due to limited space and other resources, most events will have limited attendance and require tickets. Many of the tickets are free, but to claim one you MUST CLICK THE LINK in the event description to go to our online store, where you can claim or buy a ticket through the checkout process.

Joe Ryan Event

Exhibition of Original Animation and Comic Book Art: The Ryan Collection

  • 6–8 PM February 17

Join us at HQ to see a collection of original animation cels and comic book art owned by collectors Joe and Maria Ryan. Joe will be in attendance to talk about the pieces and answer questions starting at 6:30. Don't miss this opportunity to see some amazing original art and enjoy light refreshments. CLICK HERE to book your ticket now.

Joe says: "My wife Maria and I have been collecting comic as well as anime artwork for close to 40 years. Our collection includes original artwork from such artists as Mike Mignola, Steve Bissette, Steve Rude and the late Bernie Wrightson. Over the years we have developed friendships with many artists and have been able to purchase some very fine pieces for our collection which we have displayed on our online gallery and look forward to bringing in some of our collection to share with members of the HPLHS."

Tim Lonegan Event

History of the Necronomicon in Fact and Fiction, with Many Rare Examples of the Accursed Tome & Related Ephemera

  • 6–8 PM March 24

Join us at HQ when HPLHS Member Tim Lonegan makes a special presentation from his astounding collection of Necronomicons. Tim lives in the ravaged wastelands of Orange County and has been a rabid Lovecraft fan and collector for over 30 years. But don't worry, he doesn't bite. CLICK HERE to book your ticket now. The price not only gets you into this special event but also a couple of pages of our very own version of the infamous book to take home!

Tim says: "My collection is wide ranging and includes many of Lovecraft’s early amateur press publications, a modest number of volumes from Lovecraft’s own library, Lovecraft’s appearances in Weird Tales and other Pulps, Arkham House and other small press publications, Lovecraftian literary criticism, fanzines, anthologies, paperback books, magazines, kid’s books, comics, artworks (including a large collection of Cthulhu idols), posters, jewelry, trading cards and basically anything else you could imagine. Except beanie babies and other plush toys. I only have two and that’s where I draw the line. Ok, I actually have three if you include the plush Necronomicon."