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Live Events!

From time to time the HPLHS hosts live events at its global headquarters in Glendale, California. This page shows upcoming events. Due to limited space and other resources, most events will have limited attendance and require tickets. Many of the tickets are free, but to claim one you MUST CLICK THE LINK in the event description to go to our online store, where you can claim or buy a ticket through the checkout process.

Game Night

Call of Cthulhu Game Night

  • 7:00 PM October 12, 2017

Join Keeper of the Arcane Lore Sean Branney for another evening of tabletop gaming at HPLHS Headquarters! This time we brave Chaosium's Pulp Cthulhu rules for some hard-hitting head butting with the sanity wrenching forces of the Mythos. No previous gaming experience is required. Spaces are limited and a reservation is required. The mere $7 covers refreshments. Click THIS LINK to reserve your spot while you still can!


HPL Film Festival: Portland

  • October 6-9

Join us in Portland, Oregon for the amazing annual H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival! Programming is still being finalized, but the HPLHS crew will be performing a LIVE episode of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre on stage at the Hollywood Theater on Saturday, October 7. We'll be announcing the title of the next episode, now in pre-production, from the stage after the performance! Click THIS LINK for more details!

Halloween Makeup Workshop

  • October TBA

We're planning a Halloween makeup workshop with an extremely talented Hollywood makeup artist. The details are still in the works but we'll post them ASAP!