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HPL (1890–1937) wrote his own unique style of cosmic weird fiction in the 1920s and '30s. While he was undeniably racist in his views, his tales have inspired generations of writers and creative artists and helped shape pop culture. Blending gothic traditions with science fiction, Lovecraft’s imagination created a world within our world, one haunted by ancient gods, incipient madness, alien species, lost cultures, forbidden books and mad scientists. In life he was published mostly in pulp and amateur magazines, but his work is more popular today than ever.


Most of the HPLHS' projects have a retro flair. Lovecraft lived and set his stories in a time before cell phones, before atom bombs, before satellites — when the world was still full of romance, unexplored places, and frighteningly dark corners. The Roaring Twenties and early Thirties provide a rich creative backdrop, peopled with fascinating figures. Our vintage styles of entertainment (e.g. silent films, radio dramas) engage our audience’s imagination, and the result is a rich and satisfying experience of HPL’s works.


HPL wrote something like 100,000 letters in his lifetime, belonged to (and ran) clubs, and enjoyed communicating with and visiting his friends whenever he could. From its beginnings, the HPLHS was about sharing our Lovecraft-inspired games, songs, movies and more with like-minded friends, and creating story-telling experiences in a uniquely immersive and collaborative way. The internet has allowed us to expand our society across the globe (with members in more than 20 countries) and share the fun with a world full of Lovecraft fans.

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