Music of Dark Adventure

Soundtrack music is unlike most other music in that it is meant to be heard but not listened to, and this is especially true for the soundtrack of an audio drama. The score for a motion picture can feature beautiful tunes because it’s possible to have lengthy passages in a movie in which no one says a word. But in an audio drama there is someone talking or some kind of sound effect going on pretty much all the time, so there’s seldom a chance to develop any elaborate melodies. The soundtrack composer has to write music that will support the storytelling without calling too much attention to itself, and usually the audience never really gets to appreciate how wonderful the music is in its own right. But here at the HPLHS we have the advantage of hearing all this music before we cut it up, rearrange it, and smother it with other sound, and now we get to share with you what we’ve known all along: it’s great.

Reber Clark has written some wonderful music for DART, but the majority of episodes have been scored by Troy Sterling Nies, a classically trained and award-winning composer who has written for stage, film, video games and symphony orchestras as well as our audio dramas. He has created music for Dark Adventure Radio Theatre that is alternately creepy, haunting, tense, moving, and extremely exciting, but always atmospheric and evocative. He has also written music for the HPLHS motion pictures of The Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer in Darkness. That music is available on other soundtrack albums. You can find Reber's scores available directly from his own Bandcamp page!

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Below are samples of the tracks in the collection. We're pleased to offer "Aux Morts" from the episode "The Brotherhood of the Beast", along with brief clips of some other cues.

HPLHS · Aux Morts
Omnibus Cover

Omnibus Track List

From The Dunwich Horror
"Armitage" (3:29)
"Whately" (3:35)
"Foul Prophecies" (1:30)
"Iron Grey" (2:56)
From The Shadow Out of Time
"Infinite Gulfs of Sentient Darkness" (3:36)
"The Secret of Time" (3:04)
From The Shadow Over Innsmouth
"Exploring Innsmouth" (5:13)
"Awful Night" (5:50)
"Escape" (8:02)
From The Colour Out of Space
"Ammi's Tale" (3:32)
"Meteorite" (2:38)
"Gardner Farm" (4:09)
From The Dreams in the Witch House
"The Black Man" (2:32)
"Cosmic Awe" (4:07)
From Imprisoned with the Pharaohs
"Old Cairo" (2:12)
"Pyramid" (2:44)
"Under the Pyramid" (1:45)
From The Horror at Red Hook
"Red Hook Prelude" (1:13)
"Blasphemous Organ" (1:07)
"Behold the Bridegroom" (1:33)
"Red Hook Conclusion" (1:17)
From A Solstice Carol
"Ghost of Solstice Past" (1:45)
"Ghost of Solstice Present" (1:17)
"Kingsport" (3:07)
"Ghost of Solstice Yet to Come" (1:05)
"Outsider" (4:17)

From The White Tree
"Voodoo Queen" (3:10)
"Legrasse" (3:24)
"Bring Forth the Accused" (3:10)
"Bring Me the Book" (5:11)
"Bring Forth the Kloran" (3:54)
"White Tree Conclusion" (2:05)
From The Thing on the Doorstep
"Lifelong Friends" (2:17)
"Crenshaw" (2:19)
"Stark Raving Car Ride" (3:00)
"Doorstep Finale" (5:22)
From The Brotherhood of the Beast
"Sarah Cornwallis" (4:20)
"Cornwallis Study" (1:49)
"Galloway Expedition" (3:14)
"Miskatonic Adventure" (1:22)
"Drovosna" (2:51)
"Catacombs" (2:40)
"Hauptman Battle" (6:00)
"Peru" (3:53)
"Palace Hotel" (1:41)
"Assault on NWI" (2:04)
"NWI Shootout" (4:23)
"Pugmire" (1:12)
"Sphinx vs. Jackals" (5:06)
"Jenny's Plan" (1:56)
"Aux Morts" (1:42)
"Aerial Assault" (5:08)
From The Rats in the Walls
"Dreams" (2:50)
"Norrys Story" (2:45)
"Secret Passage" (4:41)
"Don't Panic" (2:48)
"Temple of Doom" (2:42)

From Masks of Nyarlathotep
"The Chelsea Hotel" (2:49)
"Juju House" (1:47)
"Stakeout" (3:08)
"Cultists" (4:51)
"Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh" (4:51)
"Egypt Suite" (7:51)
"Abduction" (1:54)
"Mountain of the Black Wind" (2:59)
"Flight to Zanzibar" (2:37)
"Randolph Shipping" (4:21)
"Cuncudgerie" (3:39)
"Outback" (2:21)
"Pnakotus" (3:12)
"Nursery" (3:06)
"Kakakatak" (2:50)
"A Problem with Huston" (1:57)
"Let Her Go" (3:06)
"Talking Board" (6:36)
"Grey Dragon Island" (2:54)
"Into the Volcano" (3:29)
"Sir Aubrey" (3:36)
"This Ends Here" (3:59)
"Leave Him Alone" (1:17)
"Beach Epilogue" (1:36)
"It's Still Out There" (1:13)
From The Lurking Fear
"Night on Tempest Mountain" (5:59)
"Callum Digs Deeper" (2:34)
"Grave Fight" (2:56)
"Tempest" (2:04)
"Case Closed" (2:17)
"Yig Suite" (3:06) from The Curse of Yig
"Closing" (1:52) from At the Mountains of Madness

The Lurking Fear
Episode 21
The Lurking Fear
Mad Science
Episode 22
Mad Science
The Whisperer in Darkness
Episode 23
The Whisperer in Darkness
The Curse of Yig
Episode 24
The Curse of Yig