The Shadow Out of Time

"Had my body been the vehicle of an alien consciousness from palaeogean gulfs of time?"

A strange case of amnesia strikes down a university professor. Five years later, he awakes with no recollection of the intervening time. He launches an investigation and discovers the horrifying reality behind his affliction, making a discovery that reverberates with cosmic horror.

Many scholars consider The Shadow Out of Time to be one of HPL's highest achievements in weird fiction. Here the scope of the horror reaches across the cosmos and through the vast essence of time itself. Dark Adventure Radio Theatre brings the weird tale to life as it might have been broadcast during Lovecraft's lifetime. This old-time radio adaptation features a cast of more than a dozen professional actors, exciting sound effects and a thrilling original musical score by Troy Sterling Nies (composer for The Call of Cthulhu). Sit down, dim the lights, fire up the wireless and enjoy 77 minutes of exciting Lovecraftian drama, suspense and cosmic horror.

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To enhance your listening pleasure, the HPLHS has packed the jewel case for The Shadow Out of Time with carefully created props from the story. You'll have

  • An annotated page from the fiendish tome Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten (in the original German)
  • A 1908 clipping from the Arkham Advertiser about Nathaniel Peaslee and his mysterious illness
  • An illustrated article from the British Medical Journal about Peaslee's dreams of Yithian architecture
  • An urgent ship-to-shore Marconigram sent to Peaslee while aboard H.M.S. Empress
  • Track Listing

    1. Opening 2:24
    2. Amnesia 12:05
    3. The Great Race 31:36
    4. Australia 14:09
    5. Into the Dark 16:08
    6. Closing 1:12
    Total Runtime 77:33

    Cast and Crew

    Leslie Baldwin...Alice Peaslee
    Aidan Branney...Robert Peaslee
    Sean Branney...Mr. Fife, Woodville, Dyer
    Kacey Camp...Young Wingate
    Mark Colson...Conductor, Dr. Chambers
    Dan Conroy...Wireless Operator, Mackenzie
    Steve Coombs...Tyler, Wingate Peaslee
    Matt Foyer...Purser, Professor Freeborn
    McKerrin Kelly...Fleur Girl, Mrs. Fife, Sally
    Andrew Leman...Nathaniel Peaslee
    Anna Lerbom...Swedish Librarian
    Barry Lynch...Dr. Creighton, Professor Ashley
    John A. McKenna...Radio Chief, Professor Boyle
    Josh Thoemke...Announcer
    Noah Wagner...Chester Langfield

    Based on the story by H. P. Lovecraft
    Radio adaptation by Sean Branney and Andrew Leman
    Original music by Troy Sterling Nies
    Audio engineering by Chris Horvath
    Cover and disc illustrations by Darrell Tutchton
    Bonus props by Andrew Leman and Sean Branney
    German translation by Peter Lang
    Thanks to Judy Ruha, Michael Dalager and the Uppsala Bibliotek Volunteer Research Team
    Produced by Sean Branney and Andrew Leman

    Script, Liner Notes & More

    If you're the kind of unusual soul who enjoys tales of rugose cones that have mastered time, we have other items you might like too.

    The Shadow Out of Time Poster - by weird illustrator Darrell Tutchton

    Shadow Out of Time Fine Art Print - hand screen by Kenneth “Citizen Ken” Shaw

    For those who don't read German, a special bonus prop of an English edition of Nameless Cults is available as a downloadable PDF. It comes complete with a courteous letter from the librarian at the University of Uppsala!

    Finally, for your enjoyment, we present free PDF downloads of the final recording script and liner notes of The Shadow Out of Time. Note: this script is only for use for reading along with Dark Adventure Radio Theatre; no performance of the script may be made without written consent of the HPLHS.

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