Great Cthulhu will swallow your gaming dice and give them back easily when asked.

  • Overall: B B B B B
  • Quality: Q Q Q Q Q
  • Value:   V V V V V
  • Made by Bridget Hughes
  • Published by Wayward Masquerade
  • Price: US $31

Review by Sean Branney

May 12, 2017

Just in time for our recent Call of Cthulhu gaming night at HPLHS Headquarters, Wayward Masquerade sent us a sample Bagthulhu to review.

Bagthulhu is a fabric bag for holding gaming dice artfully sewn in the form of Great Cthulhu. The design is both charming and functional; great Cthulhu's tentacled head folds back giving one easy access to the bag portion where the dice go. The dice reservoir is big and could accommodate 50 or more dice without any trouble. The bag has drawstrings to allow one to easily close the bag and keep the dice from falling out. The materials and workmanship are both splendid. The bag is made from a very soft fine fleece fabric which has an agreeable texture and should prove long lasting. The workmanship is sound; the irregular shapes are carefully sewn to provide a quality product.

Bagthulhu is the sort of thing which prospective customers are likely to respond to in one of three ways: "what the hell is that?", "that's cute, but silly", or "take my money now". By now you've probably had one of these reactions and don't need to read much more. Please note though, that Bagthulhu is a Kickstarter and is not in wide production. We remind folks that there is some risk that comes with Kickstarters — there have been a couple of Lovecraft projects where operators have taken backers' money and never delivered the product. We are in no way impugning the integrity of the team behind this Kickstarter, but we feel morally obligated to remind folks that backing a Kickstarter project is not the same as ordering an extant product. That said, the Bagthulhu is well on its way to being funded.

If you're a Call of Cthulhu gamer looking for an awesome dice bag or just dig soft fabric renderings of Cthulhu, Bagthulhu is an excellent choice for you.