Necronomicon: The Book from Hell

A pretty good movie about a humble librarian who discovers a closed section at the National Library in Buenos Aires, full of strange tomes. An interesting story full of Lovecraftian lore and local legends.

  • Overall: B B B B B
  • Quality: Q Q Q Q Q
  • Value:   V V V V V
  • Distributed by Barakacine. Directed by Marcelo Schapces. Written by Luciano Saracino & Ricardo Romero.

Review by Agustina Piñeiro

October 29, 2019

When Jorge Luis Borges (the renowned Argentinian author) was in charge of the National Library, he forged a bibliographical record that says that the Necronomicon was part of the Library occult collection. This urban legend is continued in Necronomicón, el libro el infierno, a movie that revolves around the discovery of the infamous volume in a sealed-up vault. Luis, a humble librarian, finds himself with the task of taking care of the book and hiding it from those who want to bring the Old Ones back to Earth. Saracino and Romero created an amazing script, respectful of everything Lovecraftian, that traps the audience till the last minute.

Necronomicon is not strictly a horror movie, but a great story full of books, mysteries, and Lovecraftian "easter eggs". Salvador Sanz was in charge of designing the hideous creatures that wander under the persistent rains of Buenos Aires. Aldo Requena created an amazing Necronomicon, full of illustrations and cryptic texts. The cast includes several actors well known in the local and the international scene that give life to the tortured characters entangled on the eldritch pages of the book.

Necronomicon is a good movie, made after a cyclopean effort (filming in Argentina is a hard task, I know it first hand), that deserves to be seen.